Sunday, June 3, 2012


So Samantha took the last couple weeks to get certified in rock climbing...and she loves it.  I think it's so cool that we can go out climbing anytime we want and she knows what she is doing.  There isn't anyway I could do it because I'm afraid of heights.  I climb like 15 feet high and I feel accomplished.  Here are some pictures of us recently.  We left the kids and went climbing at Windy Point.

 Samantha climbed up to the top of the rock and then rappelled down...she's so strong for a woman...many girls like my sisters are such sissy's(love you)...but she's really strong...I climbed about maybe 30 feet and then she lowered me down with a big giant smile on her face.  Some might think I'm embarrassed by this ...that I'm scared of heights and that my wife makes me look like a little wuss out there but I'm okay with hands are actually getting really sweaty right now just thinking about it.
 Gotta try to make her laugh...I couldn't make it past this point and she didn't want to give me slack on the rope to get down because she said I didn't climb high enough.
On the way out there is a little grove of trees...and it's where I proposed to her on her birthday September 20th in 2003...lucky girl she is...marrying me!!!
 After I proposed I took a picture of her...she was soooo hot then....and she's even hotter now.  Love you Sam...Happy Anniversary.