Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday girl!

It has been a long, but good day, so this will be short.  Ava was such a happy girl today! If you know Ava, she can be, well, a little grumpy. But not today. She was just having fun all day long. We went swimming and all she did was climb out and jump in and laugh about it, so stinkin cute! She has so much personality it's crazy! She might be a handful sometimes, but she can also be such a sweet girl. Anytime anyone is crying or upset she runs over to them, puts her hand on their face, and says, "it's ok, it's ok." And just stares at them with such a cute face. I love that girl so much! She had a great day and now she is all tuckered out in bed. Here are a few pics from today!

She was so excited when she was blowing out the candles, then they would light back up, she loved it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swim Video, finally

Ok so here is the video that I couldn't figure out how to get on the blog in our last post. Still can't get it on the same post but whatever, at least it's on the blog. So here are the kids swimming and having fun! It's kind of long, sorry!!

Swim Time

We swim all the time...we are so thankful for our gives mommy and daddy more time together because the kids are exhausted after swimming!

Ava has mastered the life jacket and she loves to get in the pool and spin in circles...she will hopefully be swimming soon.

Stinker Malia always gives this look when she doesn't want her picture taken...I was trying to give the same look but it's hard to do!

We have a video of all the kids swimming, but of course it won't load, ugh, so annoying! Anyways, within a few days Ethan learned how to swim! He still wears a life jacket sometimes, but it's nice to know he can do it! Malia is getting there. She can swim for a few seconds, and then there is Ava, who has no fear whatsoever and just jumps in, and LOVES to go underwater. But she does great with a life jacket on so we don't have to hold her the entire time. It's so relaxing, and maybe I won't be super white all summer!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

One little butt cheek

 Yes she is freaking out, but how could I not get the camera first?

I did eventually get her unstuck