Monday, April 2, 2012

We have a 5 year old!!


He's the big 5! He starts kindergarten this year, ugh, how did it go so dang fast? I forget that he's getting so big and can do so much for himself. He is turning into such a good kid. He is full of laughs and giggles and a little craziness. We are so glad that he gets to be ours forever! We love you so so much and hope you have a GREAT birthday!

He was a little too excited about getting a birthday kiss, I guess he's gonna take after his daddy!

More birthday stuff to come, promise! (seriously forgot how to post it's been so long!)


Kris said...

Happy birthday to your little one! It's crazy how fast they grow.

I was seriously laughing out loud reading on FB how S pranked A this year for April Fool's. You go girl!

Anabelle said...

I cannot believe Ethan will be in kinder next year! It seems like just yesterday you were teaching and pregnant with him.

Grandma said...

Ethan can't be 5. He is growing too fast. Make him slow down until we can see him again. Love Missouri grandma!

Grandma again said...

Oh my Ava has hair--where did it come from? Miss you all