Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Easter!

We had a pretty fun little Easter. The Easter bunny came and almost got caught by our sneaky little Ethan. In the morning the kids woke up ready to find their baskets of goodies. The Easter bunny always hides their baskets and this year did a really good job with Ethan's, it took him forever to find it.

Malia with her little basket of princess stuff.
And Ava, didn't really care about it, but was excited about the ball she got.
And the dreaded pictures with all the kids at once. This time they were bribed with a squirt bottle, no we didn't threated to squirt them, they wanted to drink out of it, yes kind of weird, but it worked!

Dying Easter Eggs, this is the one picture we got
And the Easter Egg Hunt. All the little cousins ready to go!
Once Ava figured out that there was candy in the eggs, it was all over.
That was all she cared about.
Love that smile! And she is finally getting hair!!
Malia was sad everytime someone else found an egg because she didn't find it first, but as soon as she saw the candy she was over it.
And Ethan, he just tried to get as many as he could as fast as he could. Everything is a competition with him. Since he got a ton of eggs we had to convince him to share with the younger kids, not an easy task.
All the little cousins. At this point trying to take a picture with everyone looking was pointless, they were already into the candy.

One more post down, about a zillion to go!!


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

They look so cute in their adorable Easter out-fits! Love the girls dresses! Ava is getting so big! She is a little girl now. Such beautiful kids!

Kris said...

They are just so stinkin' cute! Gotta love the big beautiful smiles!

Grandma said...

did you make their dresses? They all look so cute. Matching and shoes, hair, I love it. Boy has Ava changed. Can't wait to see you all. love Grandma