Sunday, February 26, 2012

Malia's Travels

So we had a good time on our vacation to Disneyland and on our way back Malia spit up everything she ate on vacation. It took about 1 hour to clean. We are still one our way home right now...we have about 6 hours left. Good times!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mom is Fired!

So Mom hasn't updated the blog in a long time...she is really busy...however I decided to fire her from the blog and other things as well...keep reading you will understand. In January Malia started preschool with Ethan. She loves it and it's giving her independence...which is something I'm not sure she needs...because she's really bossy.

Then Dad decided to fire Mom again when she got mad at him for giving the kids a bowl of popcorn...but it looks like they didn't even need the bowl because they can just eat it off the floor.

Then Dad fired Mom because she wanted the kids to go to bed early...but instead Dad had this wonderful plan about a sleep over in the front room and they stayed up late and were really grumpy the next day...that was my best idea thus far.

...and we are getting a pool...can't wait...we are really's almost done