Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boy or Girl??

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and we had talked about being surprised like we were with Ava, I thought it would be fun, Adam, not so much. He wanted to find out. He tried to talk me into it, but it didn't happen so for now, it's a baby! Everything looked perfect! All of the kids got to go with us so they finally got to see there is actually a baby in my belly and it's not just getting bigger and bigger for no reason!
Before we left we were asking the kids what the baby was, Ethan and Malia both said a boy, and lovely Ava said a doggy, nice huh?

Here's a profile pic
 Ahh a cute little foot... and it looks like this baby will have Adam's giant big toe just like the other kids.

I'll have another ultrasound down the road so I'm sure Adam will try and break me down before then, so we'll see if this baby remains a surprise or if I cave and we find out.

Now maybe, just maybe I will start this blogging thing up again, or maybe it will be a few months before I'm back on here...we'll see!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch

So we decided to go to Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch.  It was a bunch of fun and the kids loved it...sorta.

 They got to feed the little deer.  Ava thinks they were all Bambi.

 The goat tried to give me some kisses...won't try that again...stinky kisser she was.

 The Ostrich is a nasty bird.  When you get up close to them they have really ugly faces and they will bite you to take the food away.  It was sorta scary.
 Then we went into the bird cage, these little birds are aggressive and I'm not sure how I feel about them.
 Look at how beautiful Samantha is.

 Ava hated it, she was scared of the birds.
 We went with our friends the scotts, and the bird landed on his head.  Hope it didn't poop on him, but the workers said if the bird poops on you then your wish will come true.  Needless to say the birds pooped alot.
This post was brought to you by Adam because Samantha was fired for never posting!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We tried to surprise the kids with our planned trip to Disneyland...and for a little bit they kept us running around the subject.

Family Surprise

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Miss 33

My lovely wife turns 33 today...we went rock climbing last week...who does that when they are pregnant?  
Well Sam did...she's like super woman!


Sunday, September 16, 2012


Since Sam won't blog...maybe it's cause she's pregnant and always forces me to blog...and this is all I could come up with...Ava won't keep her diaper on...and shes always showing her I was uploading this pic...Ava walks over here and says...look it's my butt!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1st Day of Kindergarten, wow time flies

Well the day came. I have seriously been stressing about this for about 2 years, I know a little crazy. But I knew it was a big deal and I just wanted to make sure he was ready and would be ok. Yeah, totally LOVED it.

 We tried really hard to get him to bed early, but I think he was just a little too excited so he was up pretty late. But when Adam woke him he came right out for breakfast and was ready to go! We had pancakes, got dressed and ready.  Of course his sister's were not quite so happy to be woken up early. We took some pictures be fore we left. He was so excited!

  I know I'm a little biased, but they are just so cute!
 On the way I asked Ethan if he was nervous, he said yes because of all the new friends that were there.
We got to school and walked up to the cone and I told him where to go and he went, didn't even look back to see if I was still there, really Ethan? Your in kindergarten, your suppose to still need me!!

 He went right in, got his backpack hung up and found his desk and went to work.

 I love this picture, he looks so grown up
 As soon as we got in Ava started yelling at everyone and screaming and throwing things, she was not happy. She wouldn't even give Ethan a hug. Malia of course did. She seemed a little worried that we were leaving him but she got over it quickly when we got home and she realized that she can play with any toy she wants to!
Before I left, I went over to talk to him and tell him bye.  I told him I was leaving but that I would be back in 3 hours to pick him up. I THOUGHT he would say, no mom don't go, but all he said is, ok mom bye. What the heck? No sad face, no worried face, no "please stay mom", I got nothing. Then I told him to give me a hug and kiss, and he said, ugh mom. Seriously child? In  kindergarten? You've got to give me to AT least 3rd grade before getting embarrassed of me! But I guess I should be glad that he went in so well and was totally ok. Such a big boy!

Do you see how I'm saying bye and he just turns around, like get out of here mom? What is up with that?
This is when I picked him up. He was so excited! As we walked to the car, he said, mom that was so much fun, I want to go the next day too. He talked about school all throughout the day and every time he said, that place was so much fun mom. I'm so glad he loved it, little sad that he was totally fine with me leaving. But I guess he's growing up faster than I thought, ugh, still can't believe my baby boy is in school!

Sunday, June 3, 2012


So Samantha took the last couple weeks to get certified in rock climbing...and she loves it.  I think it's so cool that we can go out climbing anytime we want and she knows what she is doing.  There isn't anyway I could do it because I'm afraid of heights.  I climb like 15 feet high and I feel accomplished.  Here are some pictures of us recently.  We left the kids and went climbing at Windy Point.

 Samantha climbed up to the top of the rock and then rappelled down...she's so strong for a woman...many girls like my sisters are such sissy's(love you)...but she's really strong...I climbed about maybe 30 feet and then she lowered me down with a big giant smile on her face.  Some might think I'm embarrassed by this ...that I'm scared of heights and that my wife makes me look like a little wuss out there but I'm okay with hands are actually getting really sweaty right now just thinking about it.
 Gotta try to make her laugh...I couldn't make it past this point and she didn't want to give me slack on the rope to get down because she said I didn't climb high enough.
On the way out there is a little grove of trees...and it's where I proposed to her on her birthday September 20th in 2003...lucky girl she is...marrying me!!!
 After I proposed I took a picture of her...she was soooo hot then....and she's even hotter now.  Love you Sam...Happy Anniversary.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Birthday girl!

It has been a long, but good day, so this will be short.  Ava was such a happy girl today! If you know Ava, she can be, well, a little grumpy. But not today. She was just having fun all day long. We went swimming and all she did was climb out and jump in and laugh about it, so stinkin cute! She has so much personality it's crazy! She might be a handful sometimes, but she can also be such a sweet girl. Anytime anyone is crying or upset she runs over to them, puts her hand on their face, and says, "it's ok, it's ok." And just stares at them with such a cute face. I love that girl so much! She had a great day and now she is all tuckered out in bed. Here are a few pics from today!

She was so excited when she was blowing out the candles, then they would light back up, she loved it!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Swim Video, finally

Ok so here is the video that I couldn't figure out how to get on the blog in our last post. Still can't get it on the same post but whatever, at least it's on the blog. So here are the kids swimming and having fun! It's kind of long, sorry!!

Swim Time

We swim all the time...we are so thankful for our gives mommy and daddy more time together because the kids are exhausted after swimming!

Ava has mastered the life jacket and she loves to get in the pool and spin in circles...she will hopefully be swimming soon.

Stinker Malia always gives this look when she doesn't want her picture taken...I was trying to give the same look but it's hard to do!

We have a video of all the kids swimming, but of course it won't load, ugh, so annoying! Anyways, within a few days Ethan learned how to swim! He still wears a life jacket sometimes, but it's nice to know he can do it! Malia is getting there. She can swim for a few seconds, and then there is Ava, who has no fear whatsoever and just jumps in, and LOVES to go underwater. But she does great with a life jacket on so we don't have to hold her the entire time. It's so relaxing, and maybe I won't be super white all summer!!