Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tumbling With Malia

Malia started tumbling tots at the Y last week. She was really excited and got all ready to go. Then we get there and she wouldn't even look at anyone. She sat by me for the first 20 minutes and would not budge. Then the class got a drink and she ran out with them and was totally fine after that. She loved it!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Malia!

Miss Malia turned 3 on Saturday! Can't believe she is already 3. She is definitely practicing for when she is a teenager. When I went to get her out of bed in the morning, I said, "Happy birthday pretty girl," and her reply was, "Don't talk a me mom!" Sweet huh? She is full of personality and little, well a lot of sass too, but she can also be such a sweetheart and very sensitive. She loves playing with her baby dolls, putting on MY makeup, doing my hair, and painting her nails, she is definitely a little princess. She loves to put on princess dresses and then she comes out and shows me how pretty she is. But she also loves to get dirty and wrestle with Ethan. She gives the best hugs, when she wants to. She sticks up for Ethan too when he is in trouble. When Ethan is in time out she will come and say, "I am mad at you mom, you go to time out." She keeps us on our toes! We love that she has some attitude to go along with how beautiful she is, I feel sorry for all the boys that will be chasing her, they won't know what hit them!

We love you princess!

brand new!

First Birthday
2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Her cousin Justin picked out some flowers to give her, it was really sweet. She loved them but wasn't about to give him a hug!

A friend gave us this kitchen and we thought she would LOVE it, you can see by her reaction she wasn't too excited about it, now she loves and won't stop playing it.

I tried to get a picture of her with all of her presents but she kept freaking out, so here's just her presents, yes she is spoiled!

Her birthday flowers, she was really excited about them!
Sweet little princess all tired out!

A few days later we went to Little Anthony's for Malia's bday. She looked so miserable when they sang, they didn't even attempt to have the boys come over and give her a kiss. But she sure LOVED her ice cream!

The birthday girl
Ava, check out those ears!