Friday, September 9, 2011

Another remodel, no this isn't the same post

Yes, we have another one. In our backyard we have a flower bed, that is affectionately known as the grass garden. We put it in around the time we moved in 4, yes 4, years ago and it has yet to have any flowers in it. We quickly realized that flowers would not last with kids and dogs running around. And I did not want to plant stuff just to have it torn out the next day. So it has gradually become our grass garden. The grass kind of took it over. Seriously, we could have mowed it. So we decided it was time to re-do it. And by re-do it I mean take ALL the bricks off and dig ALL the dirt out, then put it all back with new dirt, minus the grass. That was our labor day weekend, fun huh?


(just ignore the 2 cute kids running crazy)

It might be kind of hard to see, but there is grass growing everywhere in the bricks, and it's totally crooked.


We did some curbing below the bricks to help keep the grass out. All I can say is, if any grass gets in there I'm going to lose it!

All this for some flowers, it BETTER look good!!


Mary said...

I can't wait to see the pictures when there are flowers!

Mom/Grandma said...

It looks great and will look gorgeous. Just wait for the flowers. If I recall, it's hard to grow flowers in the desert, really hard. Plastic is getting better looking. But you have real kids, so you should have real flowers. Show us the pictures when you're done. Miss you!