Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I was able to live up the old glory days by playing full contact football one more time. Their is a guy who runs a business setting up football games between old high school rivals, he does two games a week in the US. Their is no age limit(one guy was 52) and it's for pure fun. I decided to play for one of the high schools in AZ that I went to. I split half my high school in Safford, AZ and the other half in Blue Springs, MO. This was for the Safford/Thatcher game. I've been traveling down to Safford on Saturdays to practice then drive home. Ethan was my travel companion when I would go and we had a fun time doing that(except for the time when we were almost home and he spit up his McDonald's happy meal all over the car). Now onto the details of the game. All I can say is that I'm 31 and really shouldn't be running around hitting other people. Samantha told me that if I got hurt she would further hurt me. I didn't have any major injuries but I did hurt my shoulders. It's been 5 days since the game and I can finally lift my arms over my head with very little pain. I'm thankful for Tylenol, I've been popping them like they are gummy bears. I played okay, had some success and made some mistakes. I really forgot how tuff it is to play this game. I just really wish I was a little younger and had a little more spring in my step. That was really frustrating but it's a good reality check. Samantha has seen me play full contact football in a semi-pro league just before we got married and I asked her what the difference was in my play from then(age 24) to this game(age 31) and she just sorta laughed and said that I was far less aggressive. I agree, I was really worried about getting hurt. I played reserved. I'm glad I played in the game, but I know I won't play again next year. I humbly admit...I'm a broken old man. Since the game Malia has wanted hugs and to cuddle and I told her that I can't because I'm broken, because it really did hurt to have kids crawling on me, so Malia has been running around the house yelling "Daddy's Broken".

Me & my cousin Michael McHugh

My Faithful Supporter, I Love You Ethan

You can sorta see Samantha's parents behind her. They went and I think they really enjoyed the game. Sam's Dad played football at KU and was the full back for a guy named Gale Sayers(one of the greatest NFL players and a member of the pro football hall of fame). I enjoy talking sports with Robert and I'm glad we have that in common.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Glad you had fun! Looks like you did in high school except 3 kids later. Sucks that you hurt yourself old man! Take care! See ya soon!

Kris said...

That is SO COOL!!! Why didn't you tell me? I totally would've driven down to see the Bulldogs beat the pants off the Eagles one more time!!!

Jen said...

Wow, you really COULDN'T go climbing on memorial day. And here I just thought you didn't want to hang out with us. ;) j/k Truth're just old.