Friday, June 10, 2011


Here we are at AMTRAK, Ethan had to push his stroller and Malia had to have luggage stuffed on her little legs. It was crazy.

My Aunt & Uncle have this Rabbit cut out of one of there trees.

We went to Hershey Park, behind us is the building that is filled with every type of chocolate in the world that you can ever have, its fantastic.

The rides at this park are awesome.

The city of Hershey has Chocolate Paraphernalia all over the city.

Right down the road from my Grandma's in Lancaster, PA is the Market. It's filled with every type of food that you can eat...and it's all fresh...we go there for the junk food that is all homemade by the Amish and local farmers.

Most of the Grandchildren.

Then we went to Dutch Wonderland which is a little kid amusement park...There was a Princess walking around the park and Malia loved her but was scared of her as well.

My brother in law making the best face ever.

You can barely see Malia with me on this ride.

Now we are on our way to the Beach. Ethan is excited.

The 1st three videos are of our rides that I filmed and that last video is of a plane that was just hoovering in the air. We are driving about 70 MPH away from the plane so it might look like it's moving but it wasn't moving it was just hoovering. We couldn't figure it out but it's very interesting.

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