Monday, June 6, 2011

Best Mom Award + Day 4

Last Night we left the kids at the hotel with Sam's Mom Nancy and went back to Times Square. On our way back we were talking about what we were thinking and Samantha said, "I don't think Malia went poop today". So she gets the Best Mom Award for always thinking about the kids first.

We went to Little Italy and Chinatown. We ate at a small restaurant that had homemade everything. Samantha got a Panini and I got a meatball parmesan sandwich. Nancy got cheese cake that we all tried and everything was delicious.

I hate the Knicks but MSG is cool.

Malia telling me where to go.

We went to the TOYS R US store and they had a ferris wheel in it. We rode it and the kids loved it and all the many other things there, this place to great for kids.

Malia was scared to death of the Giraffe.

The Naked Cowboy

Then for dinner we ate here and the pizza and calzone we ate was really good.


Heather (wife, mom) said...

still jealous- and I totally laughed. I do that all the time.... we'll be having a 'moment' and I'll say something about the kids (we talk about poop a lot too).

Kenningtons said...

I can barely stand to read these updates it's making me sooooooooooo jealous!! It looks like you guys are doing NYC right. Happy anniversary! Our ten year is next year and Mike is trying to convince me we should go to HI but I'm thinking a trip to NYC is in order.

Kris said...

What a trip! It would be so cool to go there- and you took all the kids too? Major props for that, guys.

That picture of Ethan grabbing the Bull by the "stuff" is hysterical!

The High Family- said...

You guys really have been busy! And yes, Sam is an awesome mom! Just a few more days til we are basking in the sun on the beach!