Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy birthday baby girl!

This year has flown by. It really just seems like a few months ago I was at the hospital with Ava. She was our little 5 lbs surprise.

Ava is our 3rd and in most cases once you have 3 kids, you take less pictures and little miles stones aren't that special. I always hoped I would never be the parent that did that, but I think I might just be that parent. Ava is a year old and I realized that I never wrote down her delivery, which I did within days of having the other two kiddos. So here I am on her first birthday and I'm finally writing down what happened on her birth day. I know, a tad pathetic.

I was set to be induced at 5 am. Yes 5 AM. Fun. My mom spent the night so she could watch the kids for us. Ethan had gotten scared a few hours before we were set to get up so he came in our room. He was laying in bed when we were getting ready to leave, and then I heard IT, that sound that is completely unmistakable, he threw up ALL over our bed. What the heck!?!? So we cleaned it up and told my mom, and wished her luck! And I'm thinking, great we're all going to get the flu with a new baby, that should be fun.

We finally got off to the hospital and got there at 5. They started setting everything up and then came the nurse ready to start the IV. For most people this isn't a bid deal. And I really don't mind needles, and for the most part I can handle pain, BUT with my other two kids, it took 4 or 5 pokes and 3 different people to get my IV going. ANNOYING. So I was hoping this time would be different. Not. So. Lucky. After 3 pokes and 3 holes in my arms another nurse came in and finally got it going. What's funny is the first time they always say how good my veins are and how easy this one is going to be, HA! I guess my veins are tricky or something cause they are definitely not easy. They finally started pitocin at about 8 am and I was thinking that I could go pretty long without the good drugs since I made it all the way to a 10 before getting it with Malia, but for some reason this time it HURT FAST. I was so uncomfortable and so tired so I gave in and asked for the drugs and of course the nurse said it might take a while, so we waited, and waited, and finally relief came. Gotta love modern medicine. I admire those women who do it all natural, but that is just not for me. After the good stuff, I totally relaxed for a little bit. Then I started to get a little worried when I noticed her heart rate would drop with every contraction. It would go down around 40 or 50 or the monitor would lose it altogether. I could tell the nurse was getting worried too and she called the doctor. She said she would be there in a few minutes to infuse fluid back in. Wow that sounded fun, but once she got there the heart rate was totally fine and we were ready to go.

Since we already had a girl and boy we decided early on not to find out if this one would be a boy or girl. I LOVED not knowing. It was so fun sitting there waiting to see what this baby was going to be. I remember thinking, I really have no idea what we are having. Adam had said just a few minutes before she came out that he thought we were having a girl, and even put a quick post on our blog about it but I had no clue.

About 4 hours after the pitocin was started we were ready to have a baby. For some reason after you have a baby you totally forget everything that happens, until you are in that moment again, then it all comes back to you. I remember thinking, didn't I just do this? Oh yeah I did just do this! Ugh, yes we are a little crazy, but it's worth it right? So we are ready to go. I have a contraction and push about 3 times and out comes this little baby, seriously easiest delivery! As soon as she came out I wanted to see if we had a girl or boy, and I hear Adam say, it's a girl! For some reason I couldn't believe we really had another girl, not that I thought she was going to be a boy, I think I would have thought that if she was a boy too. It was so crazy in that short moment there was a new little girl. This entire time we had no idea that we were going to have another little princess. She came out and was so little, not even 6 lbs! She was a great eater and sleeper right off the bat. I remember always having to wake her so she could eat. She was such an easy going baby, which was a nice change from our crazy, fussy, colic babies we had. I remember I would sometimes forget she was there because she NEVER cried. She was so quiet and such a sweetheart. I would hold her thinking, I don't hold her enough, I need to hold her more.

Well a year later, the quietness has gone and you definetly don't forget she is there. She has quite the personality now. She started walking about a month ago and she is into EVERYTHING. She climbes on everything and has no fear. She stands on Ethan and Malia's table and tries to jump, she is just like Ethan that way, a little daredevil. But she does have some Malia in her. To say she is fiesty is an understatement. Lets just say I'm usually not worried about Ethan and Malia hurting her, I'm worried she is going to hurt them. When she doesn't get her way or they take something she wants, she bites, hits, pushes, and screams at the top of her lungs until they give it back to her or they distract her with something else. She can definately hold her own.

She loves to be outside, she loves to eat, she'll eat hers then get down and and try and take Ethan and Malia's food. She loves to climb things and loves to play with Ethan and Malia, she follows them everywhere.

She hates to be alone, yes she is ATTACHED to the hip, she hates milk so far and does not like bottles (yeah, that's been fun). And now does not like to sleep. She is a stinker, but she knows when to flash that cheesy smile and has the cutest little smoker's laugh. She wasn't exactly planned, but she is the best little surprise we could ask for. She is such a joy and blessing to our family. We love her so much and are so grateful that she's our baby girl! Happy birthday baby princes, we love you so much =)

minutes old

Blessing day

If you look really close you can see her fangsReady to party on her bday

This is her mad, get me the heck out of here, face.

Daddy and his little princess

Monday, May 23, 2011


Each Year our church has a Father & Sons Campout. I took Ethan and we had lots of fun. He was covered in dirt from head to toe...but Dad doesn't really care about that...and Mom was at home!!! We slept in our van because some friends were using our tent. The church cooked a giant breakfast and then we went to pena blanca lake after that and ran around. I'm glad I can look forward to this each year with Ethan.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Day 3

Look how tan Mama is

What a good older brother holding Malia

Ava loves the water

Look at that evil look

The dolphin flipped out on malia