Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had extra vacation time that needed to be used by April so we decided to go to San Diego and our 1st stop was Sea World. Me & Ethan rode this ride and he wasn't tall enough to ride it but I they didn't measure him and just let us on. However the 2nd time Samantha took him on and they wouldn't let him go so he cried for about 20 minutes.
Cute Kids and little penguin behind them

all I could think of was Danny Devito when he played the Penguin in Batman

the Dolphin Show...a cool video is at the end of this post


look at those teeth

PIRANHAS, there skin was neon

We got to feed the SEALS

this EVIL bird would steal the fish out of little kids hands

This Seal would beg

We decided to play one game...It's the game where you throw the rings onto the bottles...we thought it would be a fun game for the kids and didn't think we would win...well Samantha got a ring on the bottle and now we are stuck with this giant idea how we are going to stuff it into our van when we drive home...but I am proud of her...she's my southpaw.

The Shamu Show...we decided to sit in the front so we could get splashed!

At the Shamu show...Ava was flipping out so Samantha had to nurse her...well that's right when we got was funny.

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Grandma said...

This had to be so much fun. What beautiful weather, too! How do they train animals like this? What a wonderful time for your family! Only wish I could have been there. See you soon!