Saturday, February 5, 2011

Merry Christmas! Part 1

Yes I realize it's February already and I'm just getting Christmas on the blog. You know your a bad blogger when your husband comments about you getting stuff on the blog. Anyways, here it is. I had to break it up because there was too many pictures so here is the first part. We were so excited about Christmas this year because we were having family come and visit us!! Adam's sister Kortney, her hubby Chase, and their cute baby Camille came from Ohio and Adam's mom came from Missouri for Christmas. Then the day after Christmas Adam's brother Jeremy, his girlfriend Karissa, and Adam's sister Kelsey came for about a week. We loved having everyone here. We had so much fun with them and ate way too much good food, seriously gained like 10 pounds! When we told Ethan they had to leave he cried, he thought they were here to stay, poor kid. And they both say they see Chase walking down the street all the time! We didn't do to much, just hanging out at the house, but it was really relaxing, thanks for coming everyone!!

Here are the pics from Christmas morning. The kids were so excited to open all of their presents and they still talk about Santa coming and getting all those presents! There are Christmas videos at the end, it's totally out of order but it's a pain to try and move them so check them out!

Ethan checking out grandma's presents

The Crowley's
Malia's cheezy smile

"Say cheese mom"

Ethan and his one of many, many cars. Good thing Adam has a good hold on that remote, not Camille that is slowing slipping down.

We had to make our stop at Pinnecle Peak

Jeremey and Karissa
Chase and Kortney

Then on down to Safford to see family and eat the best Mexican food ever!

Kelsey enjoying her food
Jeremey stuffing his face
Cute little girl!!
Here are the Christmas videos. Most of them are of Malia. Ethan seriously would not sit still to get him.

This is of the kids running out to see everything from Santa. I can't wait until next year when they can understand it all just a little bit more!


Adam and Samantha said... did the blog...I love you...and Camille isn't an infant anymore...she needs to learn how to hang on when she's slipping...besides you were trying to take the remote from me and I wasn't letting go of it_:)

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

First off we had a ton of fun so thank you for a wonderful 10 days! Second I did gain like 10 pounds myself so we aren't allowed to come visit again until I loose the weight I gained from this trip. Third, Adam is not allowed to hold Camille anymore.

McCrazys said...

So cute Sam. And you aren't a bad blogger... I haven't done a post in months... maybe since we moved into this house... ug! I love the video of the Christmas gift frenzies. It's fun if you play all three at the same time. Try it!