Saturday, January 22, 2011

Rewind to a few months ago...

So I am WAY behind in blogging. I guess it's the fact that I have three kids all going in different directions all of the time. So I'll start where we kind of left off with our house. After we finished our kitchen Malia decided that she wanted to become an artist on almost all of our walls, and of course when we tried to clean it, the paint just came off. So we got to paint the entire house again. Which was ok because I really wanted to paint it tan, so there was my excuse for repainting the house. Total pain in the butt to paint with three kids running around. Ethan and Malia tried to help so I usually sent them outside with a paint brush and water and told them to paint the outside of the house, kept them busy for along time! So after the kitchen, taking out the pillars, repainting the house, and rearranging three bedrooms, we are taking a little break from home improvements. And we totally suck at taking before and after pictures so all we have are after pictures. We still have a few things in the girl's room to finish, but for the most part we are DONE, for a while!

Of course I had to add some pictures of the kids causes they are kind of cute.

So sweet when she sleepsAva has started scooting everywhere. She is really fast and will be crawling really soon, totally not ready for this. We have two little steps from our living room to our entry and she can climb right up them which means I can't contain her anymore dangit!

Aww they really do love each other, at least for a few seconds

Ok, here are the house pics, this is were those stupid brick pillars were

And now we FINALLY have a toy room. I had to beg and beg Adam to give up his computer/guest room, but it is so nice to have all of their toys in one place. I was going to clean it before I took the picture, but really there is no point.

Ethan's big boy room with no toys!And the girls room, by the way, I know this may come as a total shock, but I sewed both Ethan and the girl's curtains. And they look great as long as you look at them from far far away!!I had been looking at this comforter set ever since I found out Malia was a girl. I love it. And we got an awesome deal on the bunk bed. We don't even use them yet, but when I do get brave enough to get Malia out of her crib she'll have a cute little girl bed to sleep on! We still have to paint the bunk bed and get their dressers but it looks so dang cute!

And finally, our kitchen is done, well it has been for a while now but we're just now getting the pictures up cause I suck at blogging. We love it! It's soooo much better than our old one. I actually don't mind cooking now.
Christmas is next, not that it's the end of January or anything!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A quick one, catch up will hopefully come later...

Ethan always says the funniest things, well, today was no different. We were in our living room and Ethan pulled out one of Adam's photo albums from high school. He quickly said " mom, mom come here quick, look at this." So I go over and see him pointing to a picture of his dad wrapping his arms around some other girl. Ethan says " Look mom, dad got a new mom for me." Wow, isn't that nice? Every time Ethan saw a picture of Adam with another girl, he would say, look a new mommy. When he was done I asked him if he really wanted a new mom and he said no, so I guess I'm safe for a while!!

Hopefully soon I will get around to updating the blog since I have a bunch of stuff to put on it. It's been so long I almost forgot my password, oops!!