Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa still sucks

Our church Christmas party was last night...and Santa came to visit so we thought we would see if Malia warmed up to Santa...and it started real well.

This is Ethan saying cheese, his girlfriend Candace Paul is on his right, Ethan really likes her.

Ethan's cousin Justin is behind him with the real cute smile

Another cute Justin smile

As Malia gets closer to Santa she smiles less

Ethan loves Santa

Malia still hates Santa...or me for putting her up there.

Justin loves Santa too.


Darin and Elaina said...

Love your new family picture, so cute!! Yeah, it takes a while to warm up to Santa (a stranger in a red suit:)!! Maybe next year.

Grandma said...

Can't believe Christmas has come and gone . . . way too fast. It was so good to visit. Thanks for your hospitality! Love, Grandma