Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a's a plane, no it's Superman...and supergirl... and superbaby!

For a couple of weeks now Ethan and Malia have been putting on Ava's headbands and running around the house yelling "Superman" with their arms up in the air. I have no idea where they came up with this, they have never seen any superman shows or cartoons but they both LOVE superman. So of course this is what they had to be for Halloween. We didn't really have a costume for Ava so we just kind of rigged one up. It didn't really matter because she pulled everything off within a few minutes anyways, but we got some pictures and that's the important thing right? Ethan had a little party at his preschool that Malia was aloud to go to. So I got them in their costumes and they went crazy. They were so excited to actually be Superman! They had fun at their party. Then we had our trunk or treat at our church and again the went crazy in their costumes, or maybe it was because of all they candy that their grandpa and daddy were giving them!! Here are some pics of the little super hero's!

Supergirl got a little embarrassed

This is when they got a little crazy from the candy, can't imagine why???

Superman stealth mode, I really think he thought he was being very very sneaky. Adam's costume, always so creative.
What candy mom??? (I think she had about 6 candy bars in her hand)
Dad working really hard to control the candy.
Just a cute one of Ava with Ethan's cowboy boots on just hanging out!


Grandma said...

Oh my, they are soooo cute. You were superman when you were little, too. Ava looks like, "Whatever the group does . . ." Glad they had two parties to go to. Happy Halloween!

The High Family- said...

The kids look so cute in their costumes! Ava is big! Adam is special!

Nicole said...

They are so cute! That was very creative!

Jennifer said...

I love Superman's awesome headband! Cute kiddos!