Saturday, October 9, 2010

Malia's bday party

We had my family over for some cake and ice cream for Malia's birthday. She didn't really get the whole present thing, so Ethan took it upon himself to "help" her unwrap her gifts. Everytime she would see something new she would get so excited, it was really cute. Here are some pics and video from last night, enoy =)


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

She is adorable! I am so excited I get to see you guys this Christmas! Love you!

The High Family- said...

Can't believe she is 2! I hope our little girl is as gorgeous as Malia. Hope to see you guys soon!

Mom/Grandma said...

Malia has sooo much hair. I glad she lokes her baby doll and crib. I like the washing her hands in ice cream. She is an Adam girl! Just like her daddy used to be. Love, Grandma