Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing Catch up

Here we go again, playing catch up with pictures of the kids. I was looking at our pictures on the computer and there are TONS that just never made it to the blog. There's a lot so there might be a couple catch up post. So here is post # 1 of catch up, post #2 coming tomorrow, hopefully.

One saturday we headed up the mountains with some of my family for dinner and let the kids run crazy. Everytime Malia would see an ant or some kind of bug she would totally freak out and scream until we came and picked her up, I have never seen her so scared of something. She sees ants all the time at our house, but I guess the ants on the mountain are the scary ones.My dad and AvaGrandpa Pollock, almost 96 years old!Do you notice that Malia always has food in her mouth??
yes he posed for this picture, and I actually took it a few times. We had to get the right "affect"

Little Miss Princess

Crazy little boy, I had to keep telling him not to jump off.

Adam took Ethan on a father/son campout with our church. He LOVED it.

Stomping on the ants

A friend and I took our kids down to the childrens museum. The kids loved it. Malia found a cart and was "going shopping", typical girl.

Ethan and Malia were totally freaked out by this guy.

Future firefighter

We blessed Ava back in June. I'll post more about that later, I don't have all the pictures yet. But she looked very cute in her dress that was huge on her since she was just bearly 6 lbs when we did it.

This is Malia's little monkey friend, she always has either a stuffed animal or one of her baby dolls in the high chair, usually she has it stuffed behind her head for safe keeping.

The kids LOVE to be outside. They don't care how hot it is or if it's raining, they want to be outside. These are some rare shots of them outside playing in the pool, WITH their clothes on. That is usually the first thing to go, they run around naked and love it. At this point, I don't even care anymore, naked or not, they have fun and aren't getting hurt. Does that make me a bad mom???

I love this look Malia gives, don't know what it means but it's so cute.

how sweet, helping dad stay cool
We took the trolley that is down town with some friends and the kids loved it. Also got some great stuff at the Goodwill store down town, gotta love cheap stuff!!


Kris said...

As the mother of a toddler or 2, I'm always pleased when my kids actually have clothes on- you should be too! And just wait, all too soon that little girl will be wearing 8-10 outfits every day & you'll wish for the naked stage. The laundry you will be doing- it'll make you crazy!

Adam is a total goofball, but I think you knew that already, right?

The High Family- said...

Love Ava in her blessing dress! I hope my baby is as gorgeous and CALM as she is. Ethan and Malia are so cute playing in the water. Now the picture of Adam posing for glamour shots in a little disturbing!

Darin and Elaina said...

Great new pictures Sam. It's always fun to see what Malia's expression will be. Thanks for posting them.

Jen said...

Sam - you have the cutest kids! How in the world do you get Malia to keep those bows in her hair? We can't get Sadie (my niece) to keep a bow or headband in her hair to save her life! Anyway, you and Adam should definitely keep having kids... they are too stinkin' adorable!

BossyMommy said...

You guys look so happy. Great pictures. Hope everyone is doing well. Life with three kids is crazy, no? :)

Nicole said...

Where did oyu get Malia's bathing suit???? So cute! Love the pictures! They are so adorable! I can't wait to see you guys!