Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Lady Birthday

Just Some pictures that remind me of my Wonderful Samantha. She is turning 31 tomorrow and this is a special blog tribute to her.

If I die, Samantha said she will either use the life insurance to find a very rich man or rescue cats.

I told her that Cats can't be trusted.

If I didn't come along I think Samantha would probably still be single.

This one is my favorite, Samantha always uses force to get what she wants, she's sorta abusive!

Seriously though I LOVE Samantha, She is such a GREAT Wife and GREAT Mother. In my eyes she really is almost perfect. Many times I feel so fortunate to have her. She always puts her family first and especially the kids. She really doesn't ever complain about things, just when I get on the computer to check ESPN. Sometimes I'm surprised that she doesn't have her favorite TV shows on that she watches religiously. It's because she's busy doing her duty as a Mother.
She makes me very proud.


Adam and Samantha said... the pictures. Just watch out cause the first one is right on! Love you =)

Kris said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

The High Family- said...

You are right Adam, Sam is amazing. You are lucky to have her. Hope her birthday is great and you spoil her!

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Sam is amazing! Way too good to you Adam! You better be grateful for her! We love her tons! Happy Birthday Sam!

Reina said...

Happy birthday!!! The 1st picture is so stinkin funny. Hope you have a GREAT day.

Mom said...

Can't believe it, those cartoons are funny. Remember payback Sam in March.

Seriously, Sam we are so grateful for you and love you soooo much. Adam is lucky to have you, as is Malia, Ava, and Ethan. I can tell it's real love, because Adam never liked cats. Love,Diane

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Sam anyone married to my brother deserves a day of rest and relaxation. Jared

Anonymous said...

lol, that was very funny nice to my cousin (I'm Carole Reynolds) she knows where you sleep :) i have to agree with the old lady with a lot of cats...i'll be one too lol

Darin and Elaina said...

That was very funny and very sweet!! (Love the cat lady stuff)

Shandi said...

Happy Birthday Samantha!! I hope you had a great day! miss you guys. I keep thinking one of these days we might go back and visit tucson but it hasn't happened yet. You guys should come up this way!!