Sunday, September 19, 2010

Old Lady Birthday

Just Some pictures that remind me of my Wonderful Samantha. She is turning 31 tomorrow and this is a special blog tribute to her.

If I die, Samantha said she will either use the life insurance to find a very rich man or rescue cats.

I told her that Cats can't be trusted.

If I didn't come along I think Samantha would probably still be single.

This one is my favorite, Samantha always uses force to get what she wants, she's sorta abusive!

Seriously though I LOVE Samantha, She is such a GREAT Wife and GREAT Mother. In my eyes she really is almost perfect. Many times I feel so fortunate to have her. She always puts her family first and especially the kids. She really doesn't ever complain about things, just when I get on the computer to check ESPN. Sometimes I'm surprised that she doesn't have her favorite TV shows on that she watches religiously. It's because she's busy doing her duty as a Mother.
She makes me very proud.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Malia Story & Rock Climbing

Well here's another fun story about Malia. Sometimes I just don't know what to do with her! She is obsessed with stripping everything off! Yesterday I heard her wake up from her nap to find her completely naked, blankets all pulled off the crib and on the floor and she is sitting in a puddle of PEE, what the heck? And of course her diaper is on the floor completely dry. And do you see that her head is half wet, yep that is pee in her HAIR, ugh, gross! I know she looks really sad sitting there naked in her pee, but she's really grumpy when she wakes up and wouldn't look at the camera and I had to get a picture of this...good thing she is so freaken cute!

Ok on to the next item...rock climbing!

Bright and early Monday morning we headed off to windy point up on Mt. Lemmon. We went with two other couples, Adams Cousin Michael and his 9 month pregnant wife and the Pauls. Justin Paul had just taken a class for rock climbing so at least one of us knew what we were doing. Adam and I had both done it before, but not for a long time. Anyone who knows Adam knows that he is terrified of heights, but he can go bungee jumping, totally weird. Anywas he was just a tad nervous about this rock climbing thing. It took a little bit to set everything up and make sure we weren't going to die and I thought Adam was going to have a heart attack anytime anyone got just kind of close to the edge. Adam went down last.
This is overlooking the cliff

I wish you could see the beads of sweat running down his face. I think it took him about 10 minutes to go about two feet, but he did it. He made it down with no trouble at all.

Then came the climbing part. Nice butt shot huh?
And of course he has to get at least one pose in...

...and then he's done. This is one of the couples daughter, I think she is around 6 or 7. She was like a little monkey, just climbed right up, no fear at all. She made it as high as most of us grown ups!

My turn going up the rock. It always looks so much easier from down below. I think I was stuck in this same spot for at least 5 minutes.Adam zoomed in on this shot but there is no way that's getting on here, no butt shots for me! We both made it out alive. I loved it, it's a great workout and it's so much fun. Hopefully we get to go again really soon!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Playing Catch up

Here we go again, playing catch up with pictures of the kids. I was looking at our pictures on the computer and there are TONS that just never made it to the blog. There's a lot so there might be a couple catch up post. So here is post # 1 of catch up, post #2 coming tomorrow, hopefully.

One saturday we headed up the mountains with some of my family for dinner and let the kids run crazy. Everytime Malia would see an ant or some kind of bug she would totally freak out and scream until we came and picked her up, I have never seen her so scared of something. She sees ants all the time at our house, but I guess the ants on the mountain are the scary ones.My dad and AvaGrandpa Pollock, almost 96 years old!Do you notice that Malia always has food in her mouth??
yes he posed for this picture, and I actually took it a few times. We had to get the right "affect"

Little Miss Princess

Crazy little boy, I had to keep telling him not to jump off.

Adam took Ethan on a father/son campout with our church. He LOVED it.

Stomping on the ants

A friend and I took our kids down to the childrens museum. The kids loved it. Malia found a cart and was "going shopping", typical girl.

Ethan and Malia were totally freaked out by this guy.

Future firefighter

We blessed Ava back in June. I'll post more about that later, I don't have all the pictures yet. But she looked very cute in her dress that was huge on her since she was just bearly 6 lbs when we did it.

This is Malia's little monkey friend, she always has either a stuffed animal or one of her baby dolls in the high chair, usually she has it stuffed behind her head for safe keeping.

The kids LOVE to be outside. They don't care how hot it is or if it's raining, they want to be outside. These are some rare shots of them outside playing in the pool, WITH their clothes on. That is usually the first thing to go, they run around naked and love it. At this point, I don't even care anymore, naked or not, they have fun and aren't getting hurt. Does that make me a bad mom???

I love this look Malia gives, don't know what it means but it's so cute.

how sweet, helping dad stay cool
We took the trolley that is down town with some friends and the kids loved it. Also got some great stuff at the Goodwill store down town, gotta love cheap stuff!!