Friday, August 20, 2010

I wander who took these pictures???

Future photographer ....... maybe??

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do I get to go to school now?

That's what Ethan has been asking me lately. I've been looking into pre-schools for about 6 months now and didn't find any that I was really impressed with, that we could actually afford. Well last week my friend called me and said that she was ready to start a pre-school on Monday at her house. YES! I was so excited cause I knew it would be perfect for Ethan, nothing to intimidating, only 2 hours a day twice a week, and not a ton of kids. Perfect. And she's a certified teacher so she actually knows what she is doing. I've been talking it up to Ethan all weekend and he has had his backpack ready since then. I've also been telling him that this is a big boy school, not a mommy school. He wasn't liking that so much. He kept saying " Mommy you go to school with me." Great, this could be bad. So we loaded up our awesome minivan and drove to her house. I went in with him hoping that he would jump right in, well that did not happen. They were doing puzzles on the table and instead of going in there, he went and sat in the other room and wouldn't look at anyone, and he kept his backpack right next to him. I let him sit there for a little bit then I went over and got him to come into the room and do a puzzle, so of course he sat at the chair that was the farthest away from all the other kids. I had to take the other two kids in with me and Malia didn't hesitate at all, she went right over to the table and helped herself to a puzzle, so crazy how different they are. I stayed for a few more minutes and Ethan stayed RIGHT next to me. After they read a story they went to play with some trains and I knew that was my only time to escape, one little problem, Malia wanted to stay, really bad. I grabbed her as fast as I could and went out the door hoping Ethan wouldn't see me. She threw a HUGE fit the entire way out screaming as loud as she could. She only calmed down when she saw that we were going to grandma's house.

Finally smiling... his teacher, who is just awesome!His new buddies

Being sillyHe was so proud of his little folder and the pictures he drew. He kept wanting to make sure he had them so he could show his daddy later

When I went to pick him up he had a huge smile on is face. He loved it, never cried or anything. I'm so glad he liked. It will be so good for him to play with other kids and get away from mommy for a little bit. He really had an awesome time and is so excited to go back! If anyone wants any info on it let me know, your kids will love it!
I didn't hear him as I was working on this blog, so I knew he was either doing something naughty or he was asleep, this is what I found. Asleep on his backpack with his folders and papers by him. I guess school tired him out!