Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Score = Kids - 100, Mom & Dad - Big Fat 0

Well, we are out numbered. And I think it's starting to show!!
The other day we found Ethan in the sink, naked, and Malia trying to scrub the sink, I'm sure they were just trying to help!
In the bath Malia was going a little crazy with the splashing...
but Ethan got her back by spitting water on her, I guess he takes after his dad =)

This is Ethan "helping" Malia take off her diaper so they can both run naked in the back yard and play in the mud, how fun!!

What a good big brother!

The face of a trouble maker, but a cute one!

Malia throwing a fit, one of many.

And last, but not least. Today I heard Malia wake up from her nap so I went in and got her. When I turned on the light I saw POOP smeared ALL OVER HER! She had it everywhere, up and down her arms and legs and on her face. I was going to take a picture, but I was so grossed out I couldn't. I seriously didn't want to touch her, but I got her in the bath, cleaned her up, then cleaned everything in her crib, hopefully this doesn't happen again, at least when Adam's gone, I think next time it's his turn.

Some pics of Ava from this week

First bath, wasn't liking it so much

How sweet is that? She really is a good baby. She loves to sleep, sometimes a little too much.

Ethan and Malia absolutely LOVE her. They really can't get enough of her. Anytime some one comes over they both immediately start talking about baby Ava and want to show her off. They love giving her kisses and petting her head. No jealously yet (knock on wood)!


Kris said...

What a sweet pic of your cute little pink princess. She's adorable!

As for the 2 older troublemakers, they are a total hoot. I do love how they're "helping" each other get into so much mischief, though. Those backyard pics are freakin' hilarious! (And you're like me- let them do it & laugh later.) Too fun.

The High Family- said...

I shouldn't laugh, but I really can't help it. Those kids of yours are funny. I remember feeling like we were just trying to make it through the day when we had Carter. Promise it does get better. Ava is so beautiful! Glad they aren't jealous. Oh, and the poop incident. Ok, that one almost made me throw up.

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

What fun! I like the idea of 'holding at two' for this exact reason- I FEAR being outnumbered. It's great how 'helpful' Ethan is being with Miss Malia... Cute pair those too. And soon enough, Ava will be following right along behind them. I don't yet believe it all the way, but some of the older ladies say we'll miss these days.... DOUBT it! ;)

Darin and Elaina said...

Those pictures were so hilarious of Ethan and Malia working as "side-kicks" to eachother. I loved the picture of Ava in the pink blanket sleeping, so precious. You're doing great Sam(and Adam too, of course).

Grandma said...

Oh my, Ava is beautiful and I want to hold her . . . will I have to wait until Christmas? As for the two stinkers running naked in the backyard, don't tell anyone that their grandma lives in Missouri.

We miss you all-Love, Grandma

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

LOVE to lick her little bald p---y clean