Tuesday, May 18, 2010

No More Cast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we went to the doctor and got Malia's leg back!! YEAH! Adam met me down there and they cut off the cast and then took x-rays to make sure it was all healed up and it was. After they cut it off she was trying to put it back on, I think she was a little confused as to why the leg she was now used to was gone. The first thing she did was stretch out her leg, and then she started scratching it. I can't imagine how itchy it was. And of course her foot stunk soooooo bad. After we got home she had her nap then it was bath time, she seriously did not want to get out. She still walks with a limp and she has to be careful for the next few week (like that will happen) but the doctor said she will just fine in a few weeks.
Running around with her cast on
It took her about a week or so and she was off and running. After that it didn't slow her down one bit. She was running, climbing, jumpin, and causing trouble! Yes that is my big belly in the way at the end!
At the doctors waiting to see if we are getting it off

Ethan being a stinker and Malia eating, of course.

Getting it cut off, it's kind of long sorry

Oh yeah, that's my leg.
Trying to put it back on
Maybe it will go on the other leg...

First time walking without her cast, she did pretty well!


Grandma said...

Sweet little Malia! You finally got your cast off. Grandma is so glad. It's hard having a castand getting it cut off. But you were a big girl!

Grandma's very proud of you. Soon you'll be running and hiding from mom and dad. We love you and we're happy your leg is better and your cast is off.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Yea!!! She got it off! Such a strong little sweetheart! Most children would scream the whole time the nurse was taking it off, but she didn't! She did amazing! Such a beautiful little girl! She must take after her mom!

LucyH said...

I forgot you are ready to have that baby any day now! good luck and I hope everything goes well!

Jill said...

Yay! the cast is off. That was so weird how she just broke her leg like that. poor thing.

Okay, I've lost a few pounds after I decided to stop eating sugar. First it was high fructose corn syrup, then after I didn't really see any results in my waist-line, I decided to stop sugar & white flour all together. I've lost about 10 pounds in 6 weeks, but in reality...that picture on my blog is just a good shot. Black pants hide alot and so do arms folded across my belly. haha.

Get that baby out!


Darin and Elaina said...

Wow. That was very educational. I've never seen a cast being taken off before. Although, I was a little freaked out when the lady was using the saw. Malia did so good and it was cool to see her wiggle her foot around.