Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Oh Baby

I had my 30 week sono today and everything look perfect. The baby was kicking all over the place but I finally got some good pictures of her or him =) Yes we are still going to wait to find out. The tech said that the baby weighs 3.6 lbs, she said that it's right on track, but sounds kind of big seeing that I still have 10 weeks to go! I tried to get some of the sono pics on the computer but they didn't turn out very well so hopefully you can tell what the picture is. Ethan saw the pictures and 1st said "mommy's baby", then after a second he pointed to another picture of the
baby and said "oh a monkey"!! Crazy kid!
Here's the profile
This is the face, sorry it's really blurry and actually kind of creepy looking, but the normal picture is really cute.

As the tech was checking everything out, she stopped around the head/neck area and said "wow, you can see little fat rolls on the baby's neck", does this mean the baby's going to be a little on the chunky side???


Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

yeah for a few months left! #3 will be here before you can catch your breathe- can't wait to meet HER!

Ami said...

Hooray! I love ultrasound photos!! Glad to hear everything is going well! I'm dying to know if it's a boy or girl!

Anabelle said...

Sometimes techs shouldn't comment on what they see! Ours told us that Jaxon had short legs and when I got off the table she says, "Oh yeah. The short legs make sense now that I see you!" Regardless of chunky or not, your baby will be adorable!

Darin and Elaina said...

So glad that everything is going great. It doesn't matter what they say as long as everything is healthy and progressing as it should. That's the best part. Can't wait to meet your new addition...soon!!

Kenningtons said...

30 weeks already?!! HOORAY!! I can't wait for little Mack to make his/her arrival....I think I voted for a him but I can't remember for sure!