Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

We headed up north to Utah and Idaho in the middle of winter (I know, we're crazy) to see Adam's family. We had a great time and the kids loved playing with their aunts and uncles and cousins.

Emily, Allister, Ethan, and Ani (Ethan's new best friend) Emily and Malia, and baby Allister, yes she is bundled up like crazy, even though everyone up there said it was actually nice outside!!! I still think you guys are all crazy!

Bath time!!

Yes, she's bundled up again

Ethan and Malia LOVED this game. Ethan kept bouncing the ball off it and hitting himself in the head, and thought is was funny. The best part, we didn't even have to put tokens into it!
She was a natural, too bad she will NEVER have a drum set, we'll save that gift for her cousins =)

Fun in the tub, Carter, Ethan, Dallin, and Cade

Poor Ani, didn't have a break the entire time Ethan was there, he LOVED her just a little too much.
I don't think Ethan was to sure about this.

But Malia loved it.
Ever seen the movie A Christmas Story? Remember the kid who couldn't put is arms down, well that was her, she fell over a couple of times but couldn't get back up, isn't she the cutest bundled up girl ever?
Ethan and Cade behide the snowmobile, Ethan loved this.

This is Adam getting pulled by me, he's either brave or crazy.

I think my face was going to fall off cause it was so dang cold!!
Cade being Cade and Carter and Malia wanting out so bad.
Check out that hair!!
Awww how cute all cuddled up on the couch
Adam stepped off his snowmobile and was up to his waist in snow!


The High Family- said...

Loved all the pictures. My favorite part was when you said, "Cade being Cade!" That's the truth! Thanks again for coming all the way here to see all of us. We know it was a huge sacrifice. It was wonderful having you all here. Next time we are coming to AZ where it is warm!

Elaina & Darin said...

Thanks Sam, for finally putting your pictures up:) So great. Malia looked so darn cute and Ethan made me laugh out loud, especially the 80's high hair!! I laughed at the picture of you, Sam pulling Adam on the sled. So funny. Looks like you all had a great time, freezing your tails off.

Kris said...

Those pictures were fantastic! I can't decide if I like the one of the toddlers begging to come outside or the one of the "Christmas Story" kiddo better.

I will say that Ethan looks SOOOOO much like his daddy that it's not even funny!

Nicole said...

Great pictures! I can't believe how big they are getting and YOU look so great!!!! Let's get together soon!

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

AHH just good times! We loved you guys being here and hate that you live so far away! Thanks for taking the time and money to come and see us!!! This pictures you put up are great! So much fun!

Reina said...

I am cold just looking at the pictures! Malia looks so cute. Adam is crazy for letting you pull him:)

Jared and Emily Mack said...

That trip was the most fun! It's always an experience with random things happening. I still think my favorite was that movie game (worst movie ever....anyone....anyone?). Miss you guys already and can't wait till we can all be together again!