Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Bachelor & Super 8=sucks

We watch the Bachelor together, it's a pathetic show, but we do share laughs through it...however we found this website for a guy who knows everything before it happens.
He has known the winner before every season aires, he has some inside producer contact that tells him everything. Don't read it if you don't want to know who wins, but this "STUPID" bachelor show is all staged, there is nothing natural or normal about it, the silly little people on that show are coerced into nearly every emotion/situation that you see on TV. Everything you see is staged. This guy is almost my hero because he proves all the BS on this show.
Now on to Super 8, since Samantha is pregnant she's not allowed to travel after March because she's a high risk we had vacation that we had to use before April or it expires. We had a couple of days left so we are on vacation with Samantha's family in Anaheim, headed to Disneyland. Yes we know Samantha can't ride the fun rides but this is more about spending time with her Family and our kids having fun. Plus we'll get to go to the Temple in Newport Beach so that also makes it worth it. However this Hotel 8 on Katella Ave is horrible. They have a breakfast, but no where to eat it and no high chairs. You have to take the food back to your rooms. Disneyland is across the street and for a hotel to be so Non-Child-Friendly is flipping crazy. Then it was shower time for everyone this morning and the water goes from hot to cold second after second. We are gonna try to get out of this hotel and go to a different one...but don't stay at this place if you have kids or dislike cold/hot showers....and also the floors are nasty. We all probably have a foot fungus. Well off to Disneyland we go.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pictures, pictures, and more pictures

We headed up north to Utah and Idaho in the middle of winter (I know, we're crazy) to see Adam's family. We had a great time and the kids loved playing with their aunts and uncles and cousins.

Emily, Allister, Ethan, and Ani (Ethan's new best friend) Emily and Malia, and baby Allister, yes she is bundled up like crazy, even though everyone up there said it was actually nice outside!!! I still think you guys are all crazy!

Bath time!!

Yes, she's bundled up again

Ethan and Malia LOVED this game. Ethan kept bouncing the ball off it and hitting himself in the head, and thought is was funny. The best part, we didn't even have to put tokens into it!
She was a natural, too bad she will NEVER have a drum set, we'll save that gift for her cousins =)

Fun in the tub, Carter, Ethan, Dallin, and Cade

Poor Ani, didn't have a break the entire time Ethan was there, he LOVED her just a little too much.
I don't think Ethan was to sure about this.

But Malia loved it.
Ever seen the movie A Christmas Story? Remember the kid who couldn't put is arms down, well that was her, she fell over a couple of times but couldn't get back up, isn't she the cutest bundled up girl ever?
Ethan and Cade behide the snowmobile, Ethan loved this.

This is Adam getting pulled by me, he's either brave or crazy.

I think my face was going to fall off cause it was so dang cold!!
Cade being Cade and Carter and Malia wanting out so bad.
Check out that hair!!
Awww how cute all cuddled up on the couch
Adam stepped off his snowmobile and was up to his waist in snow!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Good Haiti Update

We put out a post a little while ago about a family adopting kids from Haiti. They updated their blog and it's a good update.