Friday, January 22, 2010

My kids are plotting against me!

Yea, that's right I caught you!

Do they care? Nope!
What you can't see:
3 packages of wipes neatly pulled out one by one and put into a pile
Lotion all over Malia's pants
4 packages of diapers pulled out
All the sheets and blankets pulled off the crib
Dirty laundry mixed in with clean clothes
Ugh! At least they were playing well together! Bed time came very quick tonight!


Jill said...

haha...been there...whatever you were doing while they did that--must have been worth it!!

Elaina & Darin said...

Kids are amazing. That was definitely worth capturing on film. Crazy!!

Ashley said...

i have seen this sight many many times before...haha made me smile. it must be therapy for these kids to destruct and destroy :)

Nicole said...

oh. my. gosh. that's really hilarious, i'm glad you grabbed a camera for that one! :)

Anabelle said...

Oh dear! All I can think about is the clean up! Those little stinkers... at least they're cute right?

Kris said...

Oh, thank heavens! I thought I was the only one that found scenes like that in her home. I'm so relieved to know that my kids aren't the only little stinkers out there! It's a VERY good thing they're cute, huh?

Grandma said...

Oh my, Ethan and Malia, you little stinkers. Did mommy make you put it all back?
Your daddy was Mr. Organization. He would have had a cardiac as a three year old . . . and what is going to happen when number 3 comes along?
Three sinkers to one mommy, it might be ugly.
Grandma loves you. Next time you pull all the clothes and stuff out, catch a plane and come to Missouri.

pshubble said...

When they are grown and gone and your house is quiet, you will look at this picture and wish they would come do it all over again.
We have had those days ourselves.
But it is only funny when it happens to someone else. :)

Reina said...

I think we need a girls night!!!!

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

too crazy! i love that you got a pictures~ and Ethan is just wearing a diaper?! how long did it take you to clean up that mess?? the joys of being mom. i'm with Reina, girls night!

The Epps Fam said...

Samantha, my two little ones do the same exact thing. It has now become a tradition for them for the last month to "rearrange" everything. I'm not quite understanding their intentions for doing so, but hey...whatever! Our little ones are only little ones for a little bit. So funny!

Elaina & Darin said...

The last time our boys pulled that stunt they lost Halloween.

Jennifer said...

Oh Sam, I feel your pain! Let me guess, they did that in less than 5 minutes? My little boggers have the same skills. Good luck!

Jennifer said...

Go to this post, it'll make you feel better: