Monday, January 18, 2010


We heard of a family in need...

Basically they have adopted 5 kids from Haiti and have paid all of the dues for them. They have been struggling with the paperwork to get the kids here to the states. Since the earthquake happened they have been granted Humanitarian Parole and can go and get their kids. Now they have to pay for flights to get over there and flights to get back to the states. They are facing a difficult financial hurdle. Any one that can help I know they would appreciate it. On the blog above is a link to donate. If you can donate even if it's only a dollar it will help.

This link is a video that the news did on this couple and their situation just after Haiti's Earthquake.

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WrayFam said...

Adam- I know you don't know me personally or my family but thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know my sister-in-law would thank you personally if she could. I have seen them struggle these last 3 years to get these kids home to them. They even lost one child last year. He died at the orphanage. She just wants to get her kids home and hold them and tell them it will be okay. Thank you for taking part in making this happen. You Macks have some of the biggest hearts I have ever seen or encountered. THANK YOU!