Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Good News=) And Bad news =(

Well for the bad news first. At about 4 am I heard Malia coughing for just a few seconds, didn't think much of it, and she never cried or anything so I just assumed that she went back to sleep. Well this morning I went to get her, and there was puke EVERYWHERE! All over the crib, blankets, and herself. It smelled awful in her room, I felt so bad for her! Poor girl threw up, didn't cry once and then went back to sleep right in the middle of it!! I guess I won't be winning the Mom Of The Year Award for that one! She's perked up a little now so hopefully it's over. She's giving the camera one her many death glares...I don't know where she gets that from!

Now for the good news. Mack #3 is on the way! Most of you probably already knew that since my belly is getting bigger and bigger by the day. I seriously think I am about 3 times the size I was with Ethan. This was quite a SURPRISE and we still haven't figured out how having a 3 year old, 1 1/2 year old, and a newborn is going to work, but it will somehow, maybe I'll just have to go a little crazy. Anyways we had our sonogram today! Everything looked perfect! And we are having a....................

girl......................... or maybe a boy........................ actually we have no idea. We decided not to find out and wait until we have the baby. I know, most of you think we are crazy, and I think both of our families are going to kill us, but that's what we are doing. It was SO hard not to look at the screen when they were looking in that area. I was strong and didn't peek, Adam said he didn't peek either. Not that we could figure it out if we were looking. Unfortunately the baby was moving all over the place and not being very cooperative so we couldn't get any real good pictures. We only got one good picture of the body, and no you cannot tell from this picture.

As I was typing this Ethan and Malia wanted to be in on the action so they BOTH climbed up on my lap and just sat and watched me type. Then came the pushing and shoving. I tried to get a picture but it wasn't working very well. This was about the best I could get! You can kind of see Malia's other hand that kept hitting Ethan's head and pulling his hair. She will definitely be one tough little girl!!


Adam and Samantha said...

2 will always be the Mom of the Year to me.......and that tough little girl gets her death glare from her freaking MOTHER_Love your husband

Jenn and Kylann said...

Don't worry, I would have done the same thing and not thought anything of it if I heard a couple coughs. Poor little thing!....And yay!! I'm so happy for you! Your sonogram looks just like one we have for this little guy. He also wouldn't cooperate at all. Maybe you're having a boy! :o) When are you due? I don't think you said that.

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

LOVE THAT YOU ARE COPING US!!!! I loved not knowing with either of ours, and totally wouldn't change it. But- We have talked about finding out with the next one since we have one of each {kinda backwards from what you did}. So will Ethan be potty trained by then?? or are we talking 3 in diapers?? wow- you are brave and I know you can totally do it!

Anabelle said...

Sam, your in good company with that Mother of the Year. I have done that TWICe this week! Once with puke the other poop. Oh well, what doesn't kill them makes them stronger right??

CONGRATULATIONS on baby #3! That is exciting news. When are you due?

Kris said...

Happy day! Well, other than the vomit you got to clean up. I guess I'm not a Mom of the Year either, because that's happened to me too. Live & learn, I guess.

Congrats on the little one! I've always wanted to wait to find out, but I've never been brave enough. I'm excited for you guys- and if you do go a little crazy, you'll have good company because I'm already there.

Cheryl said...

Congrats on baby number 3. I voted for it being a girl.

Carrie said...

hahaha...I think I have seen the death glare a time or two!!!

Grandma said...

Give me the tech's name and your OB/GYN's number and I'll find out what we're having. Grandma is having a grandbaby and I have to shop . . . it's hereditary.

Well, I could decide and just select the sex of my choice . . . which woud be either . . . but I think you are having a boy!



LucyH said...

Don't worry, we will have a 5, 3 and 1/12 year old when ours is born. You just do it! Congratulations! I can't wait to see what you are having! Malia is quite the cutie by the way...better watch out when she gets older!

Kenningtons said...

Congratulations!!! So exciting for you guys to be having another little one on the way. When is your due date??

Ashley said...

congrats on the new baby! if (or when) we get around to another one I don't want to find out till the end (found out on all the others)...just seems exciting:) i know plenty of kids (including my own) that fall asleep in their own puke. cleanup=NOT FUN!!

Rosanne Boyd said...

Congrats on baby #3! We are excited for you guys!! I love it that there are so many family members expecting!! lots of cousins :)

Tara Ciesiolka said...

Congratulations on #3. I admire your being strong at not peeking. That must of been hard to do.

Brad and Amanda said...

it's a little late, but congrats!! that's so exciting that you guys are not finding out! :) props to you!

The High Family- said...

1. You do not even look pregnant. 2. I can't believe you are not finding out. I am still in shock about it. 3. We are so excited you guys are coming. 4. Cameron better get home soon or Cade might be dropped off at the neighbors! Yay for 3 kiddos!

Leann said...

Congrats! That's awesome. Its like Lays potato chips... once you start, you just can't stop. :D

BossyMommy said...

I think you still have my old email. My new one is the same as the old one, but it's now. Make sense? Let's try that. Those two days are super busy and it could be hard for us to get over to SLC, but I'm going to do my best. I know the kids would love to see you.

Sarah said...

how in the world did i miss this news??? congrats!!! you're due right around the same time as me!! now my little guy will have another friend to play with :) good luck! looks like you'll have your hands full!

Jennifer said...

Sorry, I'm a bit behind on the blog scene. But, congrats on baby #3. I'm so excited for you.
I had a similar night-time puking episode with my daughter too and I also felt terrible! Poor girls, I guess they were just too tired to cry about it.