Saturday, December 11, 2010

Santa still sucks

Our church Christmas party was last night...and Santa came to visit so we thought we would see if Malia warmed up to Santa...and it started real well.

This is Ethan saying cheese, his girlfriend Candace Paul is on his right, Ethan really likes her.

Ethan's cousin Justin is behind him with the real cute smile

Another cute Justin smile

As Malia gets closer to Santa she smiles less

Ethan loves Santa

Malia still hates Santa...or me for putting her up there.

Justin loves Santa too.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Seriously this is totally tmi, but way too funny not to post so we can actually have a record of this. So stop reading now if you don't want to know the rest. So here it goes. Today Ethan had diarrhea. When I went in to "help" him and he said "Mom I sick." Then he turned around and looked at the potty and said "Look mom my butt threw up, that's throw-up poop." Could not stop laughing. Oh the things kids say!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Santa Sucks

Well at least Malia thinks so...All Ethan wanted was the candy sitting next to Santa
Good times with our angel children

By the way Adam, Malia, and Ethan are sitting on the couch watching Aladdin. Adam started to sing with the movie and Malia turns to him and says " No sing dad, stop sing dad" and then covers his mouth with her hand, she's so sweet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Flexin' In His Whitey Tighties

Don't know where he gets it from!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Death to the old Kitchen by Adam

Day 1...2 weeks ago...we moved everything into our front room. We had to barricade everything from the kids to keep them from getting into everything. The 3 pictures below was our kitchen for about 2 weeks.

We did most of the work ourselves to save money. Sometimes it was fun...other times it sucked. We started by taking down the old cabinets. It really wasn't that hard. The part that was hard was the soffit(the part above the cabinets). We had 3 soffit's and we could only take out 2 of them. The other soffit had about 10 different wires in it.

In 1970 when our house was built we had these nasty decorative brick pillars in the middle of our house. They just took up space and our kids would run into them all the time. We decided to take them out. It was actually pretty easy and now our front room looks much bigger with these gone.

We found a phone wire in the wall. It had to be moved and since I work for the phone company it was really easy for me to splice into it and hide it behind the wall.

This is after the pillars were taken out. You can see the 2 holes in the ceiling and the 2 holes in the floor...that's where the pillars were.

Then we started to patch all the holes we made. This is one of the worst parts. We probably should of paid to have someone do it but we wanted to save money doing it ourselves...however we will never do dry wall again...we hated it.

After the drywall was put up and patched we needed to sand it so that is looked smooth. Samantha did all the patching and all of the sanding. Dry wall dust was everywhere. It got on everything. It was nasty.

She is sanding where the pillars must of been nasty in there...but I don't really know...I was just taking the pictures.

Here she is...queen of the of the many things I love about Samantha is she works just as hard as I do. We have completely remodeled our house and she does everything that I do. She isn't afraid to give things a shot and isn't afraid of getting dirty. If she wasn't like that we would never get anything done because it would be hard for me to stay motivated. What is funny about this picture was awhile I was taking pictures of her as she worked...I was also watching the world series!

Our almost complete new kitchen. We don't have counter tops on yet and the detailing of the kitchen isn't done yet but we were able to put our stuff back in our kitchen.

Against this wall is where we will have more cabinets, they are not in yet but will be soon.

We have worked non stop for about 2 weeks. We would work before I would leave to work, then Samantha would work all day when I was gone and then when I got home we would work till we went to bed. We usually crawled into bed about 10 or 11 each night. Just about 1 more week and a little bit of tile work and then we will be done. We are both really excited.

Monday, November 1, 2010

It's a's a plane, no it's Superman...and supergirl... and superbaby!

For a couple of weeks now Ethan and Malia have been putting on Ava's headbands and running around the house yelling "Superman" with their arms up in the air. I have no idea where they came up with this, they have never seen any superman shows or cartoons but they both LOVE superman. So of course this is what they had to be for Halloween. We didn't really have a costume for Ava so we just kind of rigged one up. It didn't really matter because she pulled everything off within a few minutes anyways, but we got some pictures and that's the important thing right? Ethan had a little party at his preschool that Malia was aloud to go to. So I got them in their costumes and they went crazy. They were so excited to actually be Superman! They had fun at their party. Then we had our trunk or treat at our church and again the went crazy in their costumes, or maybe it was because of all they candy that their grandpa and daddy were giving them!! Here are some pics of the little super hero's!

Supergirl got a little embarrassed

This is when they got a little crazy from the candy, can't imagine why???

Superman stealth mode, I really think he thought he was being very very sneaky. Adam's costume, always so creative.
What candy mom??? (I think she had about 6 candy bars in her hand)
Dad working really hard to control the candy.
Just a cute one of Ava with Ethan's cowboy boots on just hanging out!