Monday, August 31, 2009

Just some cute stuff...

"Helping" with the laundry.

Malia loves playing in her "baby bathtub." She entertains herself forever in that thing, this time Ethan decided to have some fun with her

Seriously cute face =)
Batting practice, not to brag or anything but he's actually pretty good. Check out the video.

The other day the two kiddos where playing together in the living room. I had just given Malia a bottle so I thought they should be fine for a few minutes. Then I heard them both laughing, not just giggles, but cracking up. I thought, oh no what did they do. So I peek around the corner and Ethan had Malia's bottle and was using it as a water gun. He stuck his hand in the bottom of the bottle and was squeezing the bag so it would squirt Malia. She had milk all over and she loved it. You can't really see it in the pics but she was COVERED in milk.

Then the next day they were outside for not even 5 minutes and I look around the corner and see this. Ethan had covered Malia in dirt, and of course she loved it. She had dirt in her diaper, in her mouth, in her hair, everywhere, can you say bath time!

And just the other day I went to the store, came back and went outside to find this. Adam had given Ethan the hose. Yep that's right, the hose. Check out what he was doing!

And of course she loved it! They both cried when we finally took the hose away. What are these two going to get into next??????

And last...Malia's starting to walk!!!!! Totally not ready for this. I thought we would have a while since it took her FOREVER to roll over or crawl, but no. As soon as she figured out how to crawl she was eagerly trying to new things. She still prefers to crawl but she is walking a lot more now. This video isn't very good, it's only like 1 step but it's all I could get. She never does anything when I have the camera!

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