Sunday, July 5, 2009

Floaties, Socks, Video Games, Bottom lip & Buns

Glamor Pose Maybe?

Anyone seen my floaties?

Ethan Loves to wear Dads socks

Stretching in Dads socks is always fun

Singing in Dads socks is the best

Ethan Loves to play Video Games

Malia has the biggest bottom lip on the picture to make it big and you will discover her gigantic cute!

Every time Ethan goes outside, all his clothes come off and then...yep...... goes either number "1" or number "2" good times!


Elaina & Darin said...

Oh my goodness...that is so funny about Ethan and the outdoor potty events!! Boys are like puppies. Malia is so adorable in her little swim suit.

Carolina said...

It is amazing how quickly they learn to love the videogames - even when mom does everything in her power to ensure they are not encouraged. Maybe their dads do just the opposite and since dad's words are obeyed much more frequently (at least in our household) it is no wonder videogames gain such a top priority in their lives!

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

gosh they get big so fast! it seems like forever since i've seen them- malia is just too cute and ethan is still so skinny! love the naked pics...

Mom/Grandma said...

Oh my--they are soooooo cute. I can't wait to see them. Malia is so big and Ethan is a big brother. See you soon!


Adrian said...

Sam!!! I just found your blog!! You have the cutest little family EVER!!! It's been way too long since I've seen you! My mom told me that you had another baby and she is already 9 months old! She is absolutely darling! I had a baby girl in January! Feel free to check out our blog. It's! Hope to talk to you soon!