Thursday, June 18, 2009


We went up to Mt. Graham by Safford a few weeks ago and stayed in Adam's uncle's cabin. It was so nice and there wasn't anyone else up there. Ethan spent the entire time outside playing with our friend's kids covered in dirt, from head to toe, and loved it! What is it with boys? He was pretty much rolling in the dirt. He loved playing with them and seriously copied EVERYTHING they did. Malia did pretty well too, she loved being outside. Of course I took the camera, but I think I took it out to take pictures once or twice, I'm so bad about that. But here are the ones that I took.Ethan throwing the ball at people
I thought girls didn't play with gross things?
Always has her tongue out.
This was on our way home. Notice his hat, just call him little gansta
This wasn't camping, but it was on the camera and so cute. Just chillen with daddy watching some TV


Kris said...

Was that on Memorial Day? We were up there, too, and I saw all the crowds up at the Mack cabin. I'm glad you had fun! I grew up on that mountain, and LOVE to pass on the memories to the little ones.

Elaina & Darin said...

Good times for sure!!!

Anabelle said...

Camping in a cabin is my kind of camping! The pictures are adorable, you did a nice job!

Shandi said...

How fun!!! We went camping in our back yard. You guys feel up to camping again? Come to lake powell with us. July 27th - 29th or 30th. what do you think?

Grandma said...

Adam, probably doesn't remember when we used the Lines' cabin. The Lines were so good about offering their cabin for our use with the whole blooming family. Plus, it was cool in the mountains and hot at home. All it cost was our gas and groceries, which we'd have to buy groceries to eat at home anyway.

I will never forget those memories. Mountain life was/is great on Mount Graham!

I'm glad my grandchildren get to enjoy the mountain life.

Take advantage of it, they will grow up too soon!