Sunday, May 31, 2009

Poor Malia...

Ethan and Malia were being way too quiet, so I peeked around the corner and found this. Poor girl, she puts up with so much from Ethan, not that he's trying to hurt her, but sometimes he just loves her a little too much. But she is a trooper and lets him do just about anything. He loves to bring her blankets and loves to pile them on her and the entire time he's saying, oohh Malia.She always has the "you have no idea what I'm capable of, hahahaha" look on her face. It's a sweet little grin but I know the wheels are turning in there, after all Adam is her dad!

Adam started growing a beard, I actually started to like it, but he just couldn't take it anymore and finally shaved it off.

"I'm to sexy for my beard, to sexy for my beard, so sexy it hurts"
Just call me chops...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Last weekend we headed up the mountain to camp for the night, with the two kids, a little crazy we know, and our friends the Paul's. The weather was perfect and Ethan had a blast running all over the place and of course rolling in the dirt. Malia loved it too, we took up her walker and as long as she was close by she was happy. The next morning we went down to the lake that was near by and I walked out to it with Ethan and were standing there just looking at it. Then out of nowhere Ethan ran out in the lake! No warning, just took off! He went out about 4 steps and fell down into it, so of course I have to run out and get him, luckily the water wasn't cold, but it scared him and he started screaming. Poor kid was soaking wet!Right before he made a mad dash for the lakeRight after he made a mad dash for the lake

still crying...

all better now that he's all dry and warmed up
shoes soaked with lake water, diaper soaked with lake water, but he's still happy

Finally pooped out!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crazy Ball

This is Ethan getting crazy with his Big Bouncy Ball. At 1:18 he does this crazy leg lift that he randomly does now.