Sunday, April 5, 2009

A little too much sugar??

Here are some pictures from Ethan birthday. He loved opening his presents, didn't really care what they were, just wanted to rip something open.
Can't really explain this one, all I can say is that he takes after his dad.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Ha ha!!! Ethan dancing made me crack up!!! I like how he dances and then keeps on falling to the ground! We wish we could have been there for his birthday! He card was sent on Friday so tell me if he gets it this week! Sorry it took so long for us to send one! We are a little behind on birthdays!!!

Mom said...

Yes, he's just like Adam. I like little Malia in the background behind Ethan's cake! Hope to see you soon.


Elaina & Darin Brabant said...

We were laughing so much that the boys had to come and see Ethan do his dance. He looks like he's a big boy now. So cute.

The High Family- said...

His birthday looked so fun! Hope he got our card. Can't believe he is 2!