Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Warning - Picture Overload -Some Easter pics, the fair, Washington, Canada, and Goonies

Here are some pics of our little Easter Egg hunt for Ethan at the Scott's

We took Ethan to the fair with our friends the Brabants, he LOVED the rides and the Petting Zoo.

Adam and Ethan were the only ones that couldn't get the bee to go up, looks like my hubby is a little chubby!!

We headed up to Washington to visit my brother and aunt and uncle. The kids did great, it was really nice to be able to hand them off to my parents, you can see Ethan's little feet behind Grandma Reynolds!

Ethan playing cars on the plane.
The tall trees in the back is the border of the US and Canada, it sure was different than the US/ Mexico border.
Adam in the FREEZING ocean by my brother's house, about 10 minutes from Canada

Crossing into Canada
We went to Vancouver, BC, this is where the 2010 Olympics are going to be

On the Ferry to Vancouver Island

We stopped in Seattle at the Pikes Place Market, the one where they throw the fish.

Ethan loved feeding the birds

This is at my Aunt's house
No, this is not a fake picture, this is their front yard!! The tree has two tops but only one trunk.
From their back porch they can see Mt. St. Helens that erupted over 20 years ago

They had a swing that Ethan loved
Looks at those bulging muscles!! (The entire tree shook when Adam got on)

Adam's dream came true! One of Adam's favorite movies is The Goonies, and he got to see just about everything that was in the movie. They filmed it in a little town called Astoria which is about an hour from my aunt's house. This is the sign by the house.
And here is the Goonies' house
Happy as can be!

I don't know what these two pictures are, but they are in the movie
Here's the jail and the museum

And here is Haystack Rock. This is where the pirate ship comes out. It it absolutely gorgeous there! The tide was out so we could actually walk out to it, made Adam's day! To bad there was no pirate ship with treasure on it. Adam picked up a rock from there, but then my dad accidentally threw it away.
This is a lighthouse that is just on some random rock out in the ocean. You can see the lighthouse in the movie.
Here are some videos from the trip, they are totally out of order, but oh well. Enjoy!