Saturday, March 14, 2009

Poor Baby

The last few days have been a little miserable. Malia and Ethan are both sick. Ethan lost his voice but that hasn't slowed him down at all, he's still up and running everywhere. But when he tries to talk it's so cute, I know I should feel sorry for him but I can't help but laugh when he's talking! Malia on the other hand has been a bit of drama queen. For two nights in a row she wouldn't sleep unless I was holding her walking around, the second I put her down she would scream her head off. I figured she must have an ear infection because she seriously never cries and basically has been crying nonstop. So we headed off to the doc and she has an infection in both ears, poor girl! By the way, she is now a whopping 14 lbs 2 oz, yes she still likes to eat!Adam got a new bike a week or so ago and borrowed a seat for Ethan. He goes for little rides with Ethan just about everyday and he LOVES it.


Grandma in Missouri said...

I was driving home from out of town and thought, I bet it's time for a post on Adam and Sam's blog. Sure enough, there was an email. I love the pictures. Boy has Malia grown! She is a big girl. Give them both a kiss for Grandma and tell Adam to build you a pool.


Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Sorry your poor babies aren't feeling well! I hope they get better soon! That is exciting that Adam bought a bike! I actually really like riding bikes! It looks like Ethan loves it! Thanks for the pictures! I love to see them!

The High Family- said...

I think Malia weighs more than Carter and he is 5 months older. She is so cute and I see more and more of you in her. Ethan is a riot. We really hope to see you guys this pressure!!