Saturday, March 21, 2009

Extreme Home Makeover

Okay so EHM came to Tucson and rebuilt a home for a well deserved family...the Tucson taping will be on this is my problem w/ EHM. Ty and his crew do nothing but party all week and show up for all the TV appearances and the builders that get all the credit basically just supervise...the majority of the work are volunteers(which is very cool) you would think you would have this strong built home but EHM gets anyone who can volunteer to do the work so I am positive that their is more than 1 blemish in that home...and it took nearly 2 full weeks to's just not what I expected at all...but it's still a neat usually brings a tear to my eye so that's why Samantha watches it by herself...however the freakiest part of this story is when I was taking pictures of the home so I could blog about it my cousin Matt in Las Vegas texted me a EHM pic from Vegas that was just done and will be on TV in May...what are those odds...kinda creepy.

Well, that was Adam's version of EHM. I, on the other hand, LOVE this show. I think Adam is just bitter because he cries every time we watch it. I think this is a great show and they do a lot of good things for people. And there is so much crap on tv it's nice to see a show that actually helps other people. As far as the "crew", Adam doesn't know exactly what they do because he was not there every second. Of course the volunteers do most of the work, there is no way they could build the house with 5 or 6 people. They are in charge of the design of some rooms and that's what they show. I had to add my version of it!


the boyd family said...

Maybe you're the creepy one! :) Could they find a brighter color orange? Definitely looks like an AZ home.

The one here looks way out of place...all the other homes are the same color and this one stands out. We will have a post soon too...EHM Fan Club! JK!

The High Family- said...

I love EHM, I had to stop watching it because it made me cry too. That is cool though that you got to see the house. On a sidenote, we are so excited you guys are going back east!!!! We can't wait to see all of you!