Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Church Statement on "Big Love"

I love the LDS church. Recently the BIG LOVE show on HBO has come out to depict us unfairly. I have received numerous emails from friends and family about it. The Church leaders put out a statement about BIG LOVE which is right on. Our Leaders are always right on. They are not only up to date with the times but they have always given direction to protect us from things of the future. The Family Proclamation is just one example. When that came out in the 90's it talked about the role and purpose of families. Then it said that families would disintegrate if these things were not taken seriously. That is very true today with many families. What I'm getting at is I feel I have a giant advantage with the troubles faced in this world because I belong to this Church and I am warned against those troubles far before they happen. I gave the LDS Church a chance about 6 years ago and my life has been very sweet since that time. The churches statement is below.


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That was a good church statement_J