Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Viva Las Vegas and the Dam tour

We headed up to Vegas this past weekend to see some of Adam's family. We had a good time seeing them and eating way to much food, gotta love buffets! Most people love Vegas and go there all the time, well I can honestly say that I do not like Vegas at all, in fact I think it is nasty. But it was really good to see Adam's cousins and their families because we hardly ever get to see them. It was good to see all of the Boyd family and we stopped in to see Matt & Nicole's house and their gorgeous little girls. Ethan loved being in the hotel room, one little problem, he could open the door! So about every 5 minutes he would open the door and take off down the hall laughing and screaming, and then one of us would have to run after him, crazy child! And he would get so excited when we used the elevators, oh the little things in life! Here are some pictures! Unfortunately we didn't take many pictures of family or anything really.

Ethan loved the games that had to do with cars or driving
above it seems like Ethan is checking out this lady next to him...but nope it's Aunt Amanda
Brad can't keep his eyes open but we got a good shot of Amanda and pretty little Addy!

Here is Bryan & Rose

Me & Adam rode the rollercoaster at the New York New York and loved it.

Malia and Aaron just chillen
So sweet, she did so good!

Ethan's little feet, so cute

This is Ethan looking out the window saying "fars fars", or in English, "cars cars", he's a little obsessed
This is the Dam tour we took, it really is amazing how they built everything.

when they finish this bridge it will cut off atleast 45 minutes of drive time

And finally, Malia starting eating real food, well I wouldn't call it real food, but it's a start. She's so cute when she eats, she just sucks it off the spoon and loves it. And then comes the hands, oh she is a mess!


the boyd family said...

love that one of ethan's toes! it was nice to see you guys, even just for a little bit. come back up to see us soon! (i know, i hate the vegas experience too... life by us is much better)

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

sorry you hate vegas so- i'm right there with you. at least it's not too far away...
miss malia is getting sooooo big! and still such a cutie!

Jared and Emily Mack said...

Look at the fun!!!! Sounds like you all accomplished a lot of stuff. Miss you!

Anabelle said...

Isn't "real food" fun?! She is such a doll. :)

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