Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Bunch of Pictures

We went to the park today and Ethan couldn't get enough of it! He LOVES to be outside. He figured out how to go down the slide and screamed his head off when we had to leave.

This past weekend we went up to Coolidge to see Adam's aunt and uncle because their son just got off his mission. It was great seeing him! Ethan went around shaking everyone's hand and being totally crazy. And Malia was spitting up all over everyone, good thing she is so cute!!

We have a dvd player in our new van and Ethan totally zones out when it's on. Here he is kicken back watching a movie on the way up to Coolidge.
The past couple of weeks Ethan has become really affectionate. He gives hugs and kisses all of the time and loves to hold hands and pull people around. We went to the zoo with some friends and he would go up to their kids and grab their hands and drag them all over the place. It was so cute!

Adam was bored, need I say more?? Yes it's makeup.
I finally took some pictures of Malia in her blessing dress, yes it has been a few months, I know I'm slow, but it still fits just fine.

This is my favorite!
We made a huge bowl of popcorn when some friends stopped by and Ethan got a hold of it and of course dumped it on the floor and then started throwing it EVERYWHERE. You seriously couldn't walk in that room because the floor was covered with popcorn. I was still finding popcorn a few days later.


Jackson Family said...

Oh my gosh she is adorable! We need to get together I habe not met her yet.

the boyd family said...

i love that "adam was bored" one. that's hilarious. malia is gorgeous! it looks like she's got such a personality!

Chase and Kortney Crowley said...

Love the pictures!!! Ethan is hilarious!!! I miss them so much! Oh yeah I am super jealous of the nice weather you guys have!! It looked so sunny there and not 29 below 0! Ahh the life you live!

Grandma said...

I can't bear to see pictures of my grandchildren growing up without me. Ethan has grown and Malia is so beautiful. Come and see us!