Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

We had a great Christmas, except for the fact that Ethan got the flu, but for most of the day he was fine. We went to my parents house and opened presents and ate TONS of good food!

She really does make a cute Santa!
Ethan put all of the wrapping paper along with all the presents in a pile and then made a little bed for him to lay down on, yes he's a little crazy!
Look at that concentration. It took him FOREVER to rip the paper off, because he had to rip it into tiny little pieces.
This is his HUGE dump truck that he loves. He tried to ride it when we got home.


the boyd family said...

that is so funny, kacey's at that stage too. i remember when kylie would rip off one tiny piece of wrapping paper at a time. we unwrapped presents one year for 2 hours... had to take a break, then go back at it.

merry christmas!

Majors said...

Yeah she is getting big I think it is time for another one! (yeah I am getting baby hungry crazy huh?) looks like you guys had a good christmas. I miss you guys! Have a good New Years as well.

LucyH said...

It seems like everyone was sick this Christmas! Love the stache (mustache)!

Anabelle said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable!! I love the picture of Ethan in his present bed. That is precious!