Saturday, November 15, 2008

Malia's Blessing and the zoo

Last Sunday Adam was able to bless Malia. He did such a great job, and she did so good, she didn't even make a peep! We were able to have a lot of family and friends come and we really appreciate it, my grandpa who is 94 years old was even able to participate! Here are some pictures we took afterwards at our house, by that time Malia was done with the whole picture thing.

Here are all the Mack boys with Malia

Adam's family

Here's everyone, I can't believe everyone is actually looking at the camera
Sam's family

We don't have any pictures of just Malia in her dress yet because she was crazy that day and I haven't been brave enough to put her in it again, but we will get one soon.

We took the kids to the zoo the other day, and the weather was perfect! Ethan was content the entire time. I don't think he knew quite what to make of all the crazy animals we saw. Malia almost made it the whole time without a sound!

Ethan likes the kitties!

Poor lion was trying to take care of some "business" and everyone was staring at him and taking pictures.Ethan didn't know what to think of the Giraffe, but he sure thought it's tongue was funny.We paid a couple of bucks and got to feed the giraffe and Ethan loved it! He screamed and laughed every time the giraffe stuck it's tongue out.


Grandma said...

What great pictures! It's a shame you couldn't bring the giraffe to church with Ethan. I bet he'd sit quietly!

I can't wait to meet Malia. She looks so sweet. Jeremy fell in love with both of them.

Hopefully, we'll see you before next summer.



The High Family- said...

Malia looks so pretty in her dress! I am so sad we missed it. I love Ethan with the giraffe, he is so funny. We can't wait to see you guys!!!