Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Malia's birth and Ethan as the big brother

Well I think I finally have some time to give the details about her birth. We were scheduled to get induced at 6:30 on Wednesday the 8th. So we headed to the hospital hoping that she would be born that day and wouldn't wait until the next day like Ethan did, after all I was already past a 3. After getting everything ready they started the pictocin around 8 and broke my water (which is just about the worst part of labor). After a couple of hours I was at a 4 and just after that, the contractions were getting pretty strong but I wanted to wait to get the good drugs until I was further along, I'd always heard that it slows labor down. Anyways within a couple of hours it was hurting really bad, I think I just about squeezed Adam's arm off. She was also facing the wrong way so I was having really bad back labor, so I gave in and wanted the epidural. The anesthesiologist came in and I told him that I wanted to be able to feel my legs. So of course after he left my legs were numb but I could totally feel every contraction. I told the nurse that I wanted him to come back and fix it, but she said that she would check to see how close I was. So about 10 minutes after I had the epidural she checked me and I was already at a 10! No wonder the contractions were hurting so bad! They called the doctor and I called Adam and he came running back in. Once I started pushing it only took 10 minuets and there she was. It's so amazing that just like that there is a new baby. As soon as she was born she was so alert. She was looking all over the place, and of course she wanted to eat. She nursed for almost 30 minutes. She likes to eat, just like her dad! We are so grateful to have two healthy kids in our family.

Ethan is doing a great job as the big brother. For the most part he is really sweet to her, the only time he gets mad and jealous is when I feed her, then he tries to pull and push her off my lap.

We were watching Star Wars last night and Ethan just started waving his hand over her head. I was just waiting for him to hit her on the head but he never did.



Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna) said...

I love being the first to comment! I love the video and am so glad that labor went well. You've gotta love the epidural and not feeling ANYTHING. (I can't figure out why someone would choose to feel pain?!) Ethan looks like he's doing great with her. He seems so big all of a sudden huh?

The High Family- said...

I love seeing pictures of Ethan and now Malia. I could look at pictures of them all day!! You guys make having two kids look super easy. Kisses for Ethan and Malia!

Jared and Emily Mack said...

Congratulations! We are super excited that everything went well (except for the pain because I think I threw up in my mouth a little thinking of how painful it was). What a cute family and such a blessing to all be so healthy and happy. Much luv!

LucyH said...

It was nice seeing your family in Safford. We left at half time because of cranky kids so sorry we didn't meet up.Your kids are so cute and I'm glad we have your blog now. Great job with the delivery. You have a beautiful baby and you look great for just having her! I want to make sure Kiersten is not dating anyone then I will get her e-mail to you!

Majors said...

So how is it to be a mother of two now? Aren't the girls so much fun just wait until she loves playing with dolls. Well I just wanted to tell you that I am happy for your guys and I love you as well. oh she is beautiful!