Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yes, we're still here!

It's been over a month since I actually updated anything, so here are some new pictures. Life as been pretty uneventful, expect for Ethan learning how to jump off of things! We are just counting the days until we head off to the ER with a broken arm or leg. He is quite the little daredevil! He has the funniest personality! He talks to himself all day and I have no idea what he is saying, but he sure does! He's learned how to tackle people (thanks Will!). He runs up to people and grabs them and tries to throw them to the ground, sometimes he actually does it! I always miss the really crazy moments with the camera but here are some cute ones of Ethan.

Here are a couple more pictures of Kortney's wedding, I love these pictures!Being goofy.

He loves to sit on top of the changing table and throw EVERYTHING off!

He loves wearing these shoes, I don't know why, they are sooo uncomfortable!

In daddy's hat

Here is the sand box that Adam made for him. He loves it and loves to throw the sand everywhere and rub it in his hair!He has this new thing when he eats, he rubs it on his face, and then moves on to his hair. He gets it all nice and mushy and then runs his fingers through his hair, so gross!He also started to line up his toys on the couch. If he has a ball that rolls to a different spot, he totally freaks out! And if you touch anything that he puts on the couch he gets soo mad!

And as for our new addition, things are going well! I'm getting induced on the 8th, so hopefully she will be here that day and not the next like Ethan was, that was just way toooooo long! So less than a month left and I'm totally not ready! I haven't quite figured out how to take care of Ethan and a newborn, but I guess I will figure it out, hopefully!


The High Family- said...

I was starting to get worried since you had not posted in forever! Ha ha, it is not like you are trying to get ready for a baby or anything! I hope your babyshower gift comes in time!! Miss you guys and can't wait to see pictures of our new niece!

the boyd family said...

i LOVE that one of ethan, possibly almost asleep, on adam's shoulder.... how sweet! he seems like such a happy, fun kid!!! good luck on the 8th, we'll be thinking about you :)

Allison said...

Aww I miss you guys!! Ethan is so cute!!

Kris said...

Sam- you should post a picture of you on here to show off how great you look! It was great talking to you on Thursday.

Miken Harding said...

Snad boxes are the best! Our friends gave us one when they moved! Boston spends all of her time there-I need to do a post on her in the sand! Glad you guys are good!

Majors said...

We are good! just hanging out doing nothing. How about you guys? how is the pregnancy coming? yeah it has been awhile.

Jill said...

I keep checking your blog, but no news about baby. I hope things are going alright. :)