Thursday, June 12, 2008

Favorite thing to do

We bought a swing for Ethan and he LOVES it. The only problem is that when we take him out he throws a huge fit and screams and cries forever! So of course we have to get it on video, I know we're mean. Naturally, the time we get it on video he doesn't cry nearly as much as he usually does.

Also notice the grass, we just planted it and we are very excited we have green grass and not ugly dirt anymore!!


Anonymous said...

Who was that guy with the sexy voice in that video? He must be hot stuff!

Reina said...

Well he was done yet, I would be mad too. I'm glad you have new stuff. The grass looks GREAT!

Grandma said...

How cute on the swing!! I loved it and can't wait to see Ethan. He has gotten big!



kortney said...

First of all.... Ethan is adorable! Second.... your grass looks amazing! Third....Sam you are soooooo skinny! Gain some weight girl! Aren't you pregnant?! Your legs are tiny! Love ya all!

Kenningtons said...

How cute!! Sam, I only saw you from behind but you don't look pregnant! Your grass looks good and your pool is very tempting!

Peter and Brittany Merrill said...

I enjoyed catching up with your family! Congrats on expecting a baby girl...HOW EXCITING! I am a little partial but little girls are so much fun!