Thursday, June 26, 2008

Random pictures, long post

We went down to Safford to visit family and got a cute picture of Ethan and his great-grandpa. He'll be 94 in October. Ethan loves to play with him. For some reason he thinks it's funny to try and poke him in the eye and hit him, crazy kid!!

Ethan has discovered our towel closet, so now he opens it up, pulls all the towels out and climbs in. Then he realizes that he needs a few to just "chill" on so he grabs a couple, pulls them back in and just hangs out in there for a while, little stinker!!

This is our little pool we set up so we can actually cool off from the heat, although one day the pool was 100, so there wasn't much cooling off we could do. At first Ethan HATED it, but he's getting use to it now, as long as he has a ball to throw at us.
Ethan LOVES shoes. Anytime there are shoes out, he tries to put them on. He finally got his daddy's shoes on and was so excited!
For our anniversary we had a picnic at the same place we got engaged, it was nice, but FREEZING so we didn't stay long, but got a few half way decent pictures.
We went camping a couple of weekends ago and Ethan loved it. He just walked around picking up rocks and throwing them.
Then he discovered dirt. He started to rub it on his arms and then of course rubbed his face. And he eventually looked like this.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Favorite thing to do

We bought a swing for Ethan and he LOVES it. The only problem is that when we take him out he throws a huge fit and screams and cries forever! So of course we have to get it on video, I know we're mean. Naturally, the time we get it on video he doesn't cry nearly as much as he usually does.

Also notice the grass, we just planted it and we are very excited we have green grass and not ugly dirt anymore!!