Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We made it back alive

We got back from our cruise in one piece, even with a one year old. Ethan had an awesome time. He slept great, and loved playing in the water, eating the sand on the beach, and practically diving over the side of the ship, he is getting way to brave! It was nice to get away, but it's great to be home. I put up some pictures below, we have more but the friends that we went with have them so I'll put some more up when we get them. Enjoy!!


Harding Family said...

We loved that dad took all of the kids and their small ones- so more power to you for taking your little one along! Hopefully you got some quite time together!

Camille and Jay said...

A vacation would be really nice right now, for some reason I just have the ich for the beach (maybe it's pregnancy. It looked like a blast. Also happy birthday to your little one, he is so cute, and that is one patient cat you have, I don't think our dog will be that patient:)