Thursday, April 3, 2008

Party Party!!!

We had his little birthday bash last night. First we were going to do everything at the park, but once we got there and we about got blown away by the wind we decided that we would eat and play there and then go to our house and eat cake and open presents. We took tons of pictures, so here ya go!

Just about the whole time we were at the park, he dug around in the wood chips, he was so dirty, but he was having fun. . . he is such a boy!

This is my masterpiece cake, isn't it pretty?

Ethan doesn't mind having dirt all over him, but when he has cake frosting on him, he freaks out! He wouldn't eat the cake because he was so worried about the frosting that was on his hand.

Then he finally started to smear it everywhere, but he still wouldn't eat it.

He loved all of his presents but his favorites were these squishy balls. He carried them around everywhere, and would not let go of them. He has at least one in his hands in every picture.

These were taken a couple of days ago, but they are so cute! Ethan loves our cat Psycho. He chases him all over the house. Once he gets a hold of him he totally terrorises him and the cat just lays there. Ethan pinches him, bites him, pulls his tail and ears, and the cat just sits there. So we finally got some pictures of the poor cat under attack from Ethan.


Harding Family said...

congrats! they grow up way to fast!

the boyd family said...

happy birthday ethan!!! i love those pictures with the cat :) you know the cat is probably thinking, "run, here he comes again!!!"

Kris said...

Way cute birthday pics! It's crazy how quickly the time goes, huh? We have a cat, and both of my kids terrorize her just like Ethan. I guess that's what happens when your house gets taken over by babies- all of the animals are suddenly 2nd class citizens!

The High Family- said...

Wow...I still can't believe he is already one. Looks like he had quite a fun party. I promise that his slacker aunt and uncle will get his present in the mail soon!!